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Turning off water to outside Faucet before winter

Hello All,


I just moved into a new home in May. One of the first things I did upon settling in was to locate the shut off valve for the outside water faucet. Now that winter is looming around the corner, I went to shut off the water to the outside faucet (Turned completely clockwise).


However, when I went outside to drain any remaining water from the faucet, I found that there is still a small bit of pressure/steady stream of water coming out! I let the faucet run for about 30 seconds, and the stream remained steady. I went back into my basement and found that the shut off valve was turned completely clockwise.


I read in an old post on here that it may be due to a leaky valve. When the faucet is off, my valve is dry as a bone (i.e. no water leaking/dripping onto the basement floor). I also read that it could be the core parts beginning to go bad. I took a photo of the valve for reference and found a similar make on Home Depot's website. I believe it may be a Mueller (due to the red handle and general look).


According to the old post, I can simply find the matching shut off valve, remove the core pieces from this new valve and insert them into the old valve?


Any ideas and guidance is greatly appreciated!


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Posted 2012-11-11T23:08:59+0000  by ckwaller ckwaller


Hi Ckwaller,


I believe you are on the right track, however often the new shutoffs valves are of a different size or thread pitch than the old valve.


Depending upon the type of valve (i.e.) gate valve versus a hose bib the internal components called the stem may be repaired.


If it’s a gate valve, then the entire valve will have to be replaced. Gate valves are all metal and are precision machined.


Once the gate element and the body are worn just replacing the gate will not stop leakage. When they begin to leak, usually the only solution is to replace it.


If it’s a hose bib, the rubber washer on the end of the stem may be replaced to stop the leakage.


Since it is in the basement I am sure it is a gate valve, and unfortunately it will probably have to be replaced.





Posted 2012-11-12T19:12:25+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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