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Two colors on one wall dark on top does that work???/


I am planning on painting my craft room with a teal blue then a chunky 10 inch strip of a lime green, then white on the bottom.  These colors would be broken up with about a 1 inch black painted strip.  so it goes blue black strip, green, black strip and then the white.  Would this owrk having the lighter color on bottom??  Any suggestions or comments are wlecome.  



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Posted 2012-03-04T03:59:13+0000  by mskattum mskattum




Assuming you have already gotten the paint or samples thereof, why not lay out your suggested color scheme to scale on paper or cardboard at 1 inch=1foot. You could also reverse the scheme to imagine how that would look. If you don't actually have the paint, you could cut and tape a few of the color charts together to get a visiual of how the schemes might appear.


I personally have always preferred the stronger color on top, but there is no right or wrong. You have to live with the results, not some decorator!

Posted 2012-03-04T07:05:51+0000  by ordjen

Hello MsKattum!


Most interior designers would place the "heavier" dark colors at the floor as a "base" and use progressively lighter colors as you move up the wall and onto the ceiling.


When you review design books, magazines, and color demo-flyers you will most often see the darker colors in this sequence as well.


The concept is based upon the idea that walls look "heavy" with darker colors "resting on top of" lighter colors.


The spaces where you see these designs applied are commonly living spaces where you may entertain guests, like dens, dining rooms, and family rooms.


Because this space is your "craft room" and is likely only viewed by you and those interested in your crafts, I could imagine you using the colors as inspiration for your craft.


I know you can't see the space I work from here at The Community, but it is very colorful ... decorated with at least a dozen samples I have created to demonstrate products or techniques for community members.


Wet Paint.jpg  It even has a well-used "Wet Paint" sign on the door!


So, while the general trend would be "heavier at the bottom and lighter above," I think your "craft room" would be a very distinct exception.


Go ahead and have fun with it!!!

Posted 2012-03-08T20:22:55+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL


Here again, just my personal taste, but I feel the darker color on top often makes the wall hangings, pictures, artwork, etc., stand out more dramatically. Of course, a strong color could interferr with the colors used in those pieces.

However, contrary to my own feelings, I might note that all the galleries at the world famous Chicago Art Institue are covered in a textured canvas which is painted a bright white, so as not to detract from the Master's works. Most of the galleries are also illuminated with natural light from skylights.

Posted 2012-03-09T05:16:29+0000  by ordjen
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