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Two main panels

My pole is 120 feet from the house. I have 200 amp service disconnect from the pole to the house. Have run 3/0 2 phase to the house. I would like to add two panels from the service next to each other in my mechanical room. I need to find a feed through panel that has more than 16 spaces. Or if there is such thing as a split panel to run 1 in and 2 out to each of the panels. Any suggestions would be helpful. 
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Posted 2016-07-16T21:28:55+0000  by donabranch73 donabranch73
If I'm understanding you correctly, you have an existing 200 amp service and, I presume, an existing service panel.  Do you want to just add a subpanel or two (???) in the mechanical room?  Why would you need two subpanels?  Or are you trying to go to, say, 400 amp service?

These are often things best left to licensed electricians because of the number of rules in the code that must be followed.
Posted 2016-07-17T01:23:16+0000  by Adam444
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