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Types of Oak Trees


What kind of Oak trees are these in my yard?


Oak trees are not planted in the landscape in great numbers and that is partially because so many of them are such slow growers and there are faster growing trees like Maple trees. Perhaps your yard already has established oak trees that are hundreds of years old and you just need to figure out what kind they are. Take a look here and lets figure out what kind you have. If you do not find it here, send us a picture, as I will continue to be adding more oak trees in the coming days.


There are many varieties out there however, that are great trees for your landscape that grow quickly. Take a look and let’s see what varieties grow well in your area. Write back to us and lets see what we can come up with as the best solution for you.


Blackjack Oak

This tree is not usually propagated and will not be found in a nursery, due to its undesirable traits and its susceptibility to diseases. This tree grows short, irregularly shaped and scraggily. It has several different shaped leaves, all with shallow lobes.


Coastal Live Oak

Live oak - photo 2.jpg

Chances are, if you have one of these in your yard, you already know what it is, as they are unmistakable. This tree grows from the coast of Virginia, south throughout Florida, past Texas and into Mexico. This tree is usually covered in Spanish moss and a strong symbol of the south. This tree is often shaped from coastal winds and sometimes seen with branches resting on the ground in places while still growing from the tree. This tree is a very slow grower and considered to be a long life tree.


Columnar English Oak

Although English oak has fewer problems than other oaks, it is not very commonly propagated because of its slow growth. If grown as a seed it will not be completely true as if it were propagated from a cutting. This tree is still very unique in the world of oak trees because it grows tall and slender. This tree makes a good street tree or screen.


Northern Red Oak

This beautiful round deciduous tree puts off brilliant fall color and develops a less invasive root system than many other Oaks. This is a great tree for planting in a landscape, as it is a moderately fast grower that grows faster than many other Oaks.It is also distinguishable by the shiny stripes down the center of the bark.


Pin Oak

Pin Oak is a type of red oak. This is a tree typical of lowlands or floodplains. The word (palus) in Latin means marsh. This tree is one of the most common landscape trees in the eastern states, being used residentially and in office complex’s. This tree also makes a great road tree and landscape tree.


Post Oak

Post Oak Leaf

 Post oak has strong limbs and a dense canopy that can get 70 foot wide. It is a very hard wood that is often used as railroad ties and fence posts. Post Oak and Blackjack Oak often are companions due to their being able to thrive in poor growing conditions. Post Oak has a cross shaped leaf and does not like its roots disturbed. It does not make a good street tree.


Sawtooth Oak


This tree has heavily serrated, long narrow leaves that resemble that of the chestnut tree. This tree grows at a faster rate than other oak trees and produces acorns at a more abundant rate than other oaks as well. These acorns are not as desirable to wildlife as other oaks due to their bitter taste. This tree primarily grows in the southeast US.


Shumard Oak

 This tree is in the Red Oak family and best known for its fast growth rate and its brilliant red fall foliage. This tree will not produce acorns for the first 25 years. It typically grows in low wetlands, by creeks or lakes but can handle dryer areas as well. You will find this tree propagated and sold in nurseries due to its fast growth and brilliant fall color.


Southern Red Oak

This tree is probably one of the most common oak trees in the Southeast United States. It displays a straight trunk, round, open canopy with beautiful dark green leaves, and tolerates drought better than many other oaks. Acorns appear in September and make a great food source for all types of wildlife.


Swamp White Oak


This tree can live to be over 300 years old and develop a 60 foot round canopy. This tree lives alongside creeks and lowlands and can tolerate flooding just fine. This tree has great drought tolerance but can become susceptible to many insects and diseases. This tree may be harder to find, as they are not commonly mass propagated. It is said that over 400 swamp white oats are being planted at the September 11th memorial in Manhattan. Check out our 8 Water Loving Trees.


Water Oak

This tree can adapt to almost every environment. It can be a street tree or used as a specimen. Water Oak is a fast grower with beautiful dark green foliage. Its acorns are amongst the most desirable by wildlife like ducks, pigs, deer, raccoons, squirrels and wild turkey. This tree grows best in wet lowlands and can also survive heavy compacted soil as well.


White Oak

Typically White Oaks grow in uplands, on slopes and ledges. They prefer dry conditions and handle drought and clay soil quite well. It is a slow grower and is used primarily for its timber. Its acorns are also great for feeding wildlife and this tree is found primarily in the eastern United States. Alba in Latin means white.


Willow Oak

No landscape is complete without a great shade tree and all landscapes need oak trees. The Willow oak is the oak of choice in urban areas because of its great shape and fast growth rate and ideal in a landscape setting. You can expect 2 feet of growth or more each year (fast for an oak). This trees abundant acorn production makes it a favorite for many different animals. Most often found in lowlands and along streams, Q. phellos can survive harsh urban settings as well. This tree is very resistant to insects and disease. Check out our 8 Water Loving Trees. This tree also made it onto the Top 10 Landscape trees list.


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