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I just bought a re-sale home and the gate will not close because one of the gate posts sank on the ground due to soil erosion. How do I prop up the gate post by about 2 inches so that I can pour a concret slab underneath the gate post (has an existing hardened concrete on the post). Can I use a car jack to prop up the fence so that I can lift it up and pour additional concrete underneath?



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Posted 2010-12-08T21:15:21+0000  by YABEYABES YABEYABES

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A hydraulic jack used to lift against a support attached to the side of the post or placed through the post would likely give you the ability to lift on one side. It seems that a fulcrum or support on the opposite side from the jack would provide balance and keep the post from tilting away from the lift.


Obviously you will be pulling or pushing up against the earth surrounding the existing cement base at the bottom of this post, so you will need to dig out above and around the existing cement to allow room for this "chunk" to move.


Commonly, exercises like this are done in small steps including lifting on one side and then supporting, then lifting on the other side and supporting, etc. (or simply use a second jack). 


Measure the location of the gate latch to ensure your repair will be functional.


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Posted 2010-12-09T14:44:45+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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