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UPC#082392513504 Ceiling fan light turns on then off immediately after? Any suggestions?

Installed the fan. Remote only device.  The fan functions fine.  However, when i turn the light on, it turns off immediately afterwords.  It obviously has power.

Any suggestions how to remedy?  The fan is remote only operated...

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Posted 2013-09-22T14:08:35+0000  by Azembdriver Azembdriver

Hello Azembdriver.  Welcome to the Community!


I believe the fan you have looks like this one:

HB Campbell Fan.jpg

This is a Hampton Bay Campbell 52" fan, SKU# 993-855.  It comes supplied with a remote control and the (3) 60watt candelabra style light bulbs.  If I assume that you have not changed either the remote or the light bulbs to something other than what came with the fan, then all I can think of that is amiss would be the remote control receiver inside the fan canopy.  I recommend that you contact our Hampton Bay Lighting and Fan Customer Service folks as shown below.  They should be able to remedy this issue promptly.




Is this what you are looking for?





Posted 2013-09-24T15:06:18+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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