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URGENT: How Long to wait before applying second coat

I have a red cedar deck which, over the years, I have twice treated with Flood TWF-Semi Transparent Wood Finish.


The first time I treateed it with this product, since there had been many other products applied/built up over the years on this deck, I stripped the deck down to bare wood.


The second time, following directions from Floot, I cleaned the deck with wood brightener and a stiff scrub brush, let it dry for two days and applied two coats of Flood TWF-Semi Transparent Wood Finish. which lasted three years.


I just cleaned it once again with wood brightener and it's read for treating with the Flood TWF-Semi Transparent Wood Finish.  


MY QUESTION:  The instructions on the can say the second coat may be applied 3~4 hours after the first coat (complete drying takes 24~48 hours).  


Somewere, I don't recall where, I read that if you are going to apply a second coat on a deck, it's best to do it before that first coat is dry, i.e., after 3~4 hours later, and that's what I did the first time I used Flood TWF-Semi Transparent Wood Finish.


Is this true, or may I do a first coat one day, and the next day, 24 hours later, apply the second coat


Many thanks, and I marked this URGENT because the weather forecast is perfect for the next three to four days.





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Posted 2013-09-06T22:11:29+0000  by CH1938 CH1938




This Flood product is an emulsified oil. That is, it smells like and oil, works like and oil, but is cleaned up with soap and water. It is an attempt to combine the best of both water based products and oil based products. The instructions say that you can recoat after 3 to 4 hours. A second coat is actually optional. The product label does not say anything about putting a second coat on at a later time. It does not forbid it. The assumption is that it is OK to delay the second coat. To directly answer your question: you should have no problems if second coating the next day.


You may be confusing TWF with a true oil. True oil products do not need a second coat. Indeed, it is a bad practice as additional oil cannot be absorbed into the wood and will it sit  sticky on top the wood for months!


 True oils may be given a second coat of oil while the original coat is still wet. Often sections of wood are extremely porous and immediately suck in all the oil and look dry. Additional oil may be applied in this case, but care should be taken to not leave excess oil on the surface. If you look back after 15 minutes and still see oil standing on the surface, the excess sould be removed with rags or paper towels.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-09-08T04:34:39+0000  by ordjen

That was a _very_ clear, informative, and helpful reply for which many thanks.


If it's not too much trouble, would you mind giving me an example of one or two of the true oil products which you should not wait overnight before applying a second coat.


Thanks again, CH

Posted 2013-09-08T10:59:02+0000  by CH1938



As I stated above, true oils should NOT be given a second coat. To do so invites stickiness and uneven sheen. Most of the water-based stains do recommen a second coat. Oil stains do require a more frequent refresher coat, about yearly or at least every other year, depending on wear and the environment.


Not all Home Depots across the country carry the same products. The true oils at my store are the transparent Sikkens products, one of the Behr' stains, and PreservaWood, which is also transparent.  Flood does make a true oil, but Home Depot does not carry it.


Hope this helps.

Posted 2013-09-08T16:02:39+0000  by ordjen

Thanks again.  


I switched to the Flood TWF-Semi Transparent Wood Finish in the hopes of not having to treat the deck every year

and so far it has worked very well.  I clean it each year by gently scrubbing it with a fence and deck brightener and I find that

the Flood TWF-Semi Transparent Wood Finish gives me three full years of use before I see the need for applying another coat.


I put the first coat on yesterday, finishing up at about 3:00 p.m., with a weather forcast that predicted 10% chance of precipitation,

only to come out this morning and fight a wet, but not soaking wet, deck.  Apparently one of those pop-up showers decided

to pop up over my deck.  Wiped what little moisture had fallen with old bath towels and I'll wait another 24 hours before

applying that second coat.


Thanks again for all your help.



Posted 2013-09-08T16:25:26+0000  by CH1938
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