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URGENT: I over texturized my walls! MUST FIX!

My master bath had badly damage walls thanks to previous owners. Not to mention, I ripped down the obnoxious wall-sized mirror, thus creating additional damage to the dry wall. I patched the walls and decided to use the PREMIUM PLUS® Texture Paint Smooth Finish to create the geometric swirl pattern as shown in the behr pamphlet. However, I over applied the texture and I would like to...need to...tone it down a bit. Can I sand the walls with a fine paper to achieve a calmer appearance? Do you have any other recommendations?

Thank you for your help.
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Posted 2013-09-14T03:13:22+0000  by KangaDR KangaDR

You may have to sand with a low number grade sandpaper to reduce the texture. I suggest using #80 grit to sand the surface.


If you are still not satisfied with the results - then you may have to add an additional coat of texture paint the the surface. This will help to reduce the extreme highs and low's on the texture.

Posted 2013-09-15T14:01:36+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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