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URGENT: PLEASE HELP..Pet Urine in Subfloor

Hello everyone. My husband and I purchased a home about 4 days ago. When we first looked at the home prior to purchasing we notice a pet odor, but thought simply removing the carpet would fix the issue. WRONG! Our carpets are scheduled to be installed tomorrow, and for some reason something told me to take a peek under the current carpet. We discovered numerous pet urine stains through the home. It as if the previous owners just allowed there pets to run wild. 


 anyway...we now need to determine whether we should replace the subfloors through out, or is there some form of chemical treatment we can use to penetrate the stains and remove the smell. If we need to replace the subfloors what type of subflooring would you recommend??


Any help you can offer would be AMAZING!!!

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Posted 2012-07-28T03:47:18+0000  by Jaybryce18 Jaybryce18

A water or oil based primer will not completely block pet odors.

Posted 2012-10-06T16:14:14+0000  by Paul

The only thing I have found that works for cat pee in cement or wood is a diving substance called Sink The Stink.  It's original use is for human dive suits, and, after use, people put their suits back on without even rinsing.


You mix the solution with water, and soak the affected area.  Leave it until it dries (the bacteria apparently work as it dries, so overnight at least).  If there is any residual odor, repeat:  soak and let dry naturally again.   Do NOT mix with any cleaner, and, in fact, if you've used soap or disinfectant or clorox or anything like that, totally remove before using Sink the Stink, as all will deactivate the bacteria.


Further, you can use a spray bottle of fairly strong solution if there's been cat-spray on walls. Once, a male cat got in my car and sprayed, and I thought I'd die from that stench -- but the StS sprayed on upholstery etc. removed the stink as promised.


I've tried easily found ( e.g., in pet stores) substances that purportedly remove pet odors, but they have never worked for me, so I went back to StS.  I can buy it from Dive Shops, but it is easily found on the internet too.  It would be great if The Home Depot would stock it.


BTW, no involvement with StS (darn), just sharing what has worked for me.

Posted 2013-05-19T14:43:47+0000  by moorpheus
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