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Underlayment Too Thick?


I recently took on my first attempt at laying engineered hardwood floors in our master bedroom. After completing the tongue and groove install, my wife noticed that the floor felt “soft” in comparison to our previously glued down floor. After doing a bit of research it appears that the Underlayment that we used (Shaw Sofsound II-4mm) over the wood subfloor is creating the softness. 

I am preparing the finish the remainder of the downstairs this weekend and was thinking about switching to a new style of Underlayment. Has anyone had this experience? Does anyone have any suggestions for a thinner, less bouncy Underlayment that would be appropriate for a relatively level wood subfloor?

Any suggestions appreciated!
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Posted 2017-10-13T09:55:39+0000  by Jcuster568 Jcuster568
Hey Jcuster568.

The underlayment you are using is designed to be a sound dampener as well as a vapor barrier. This will make it softer which can be annoying to some. #15 roofing felt is a good vapor barrier and also eliminates some of the "clippity clop" created by shoes. It is commonly used by flooring installers and it is what I used when I installed my bamboo floors. I'm not sure of the thickness of #15 felt but I know that you will not feel the "soft" feeling that you felt with the other underlayment and I suspect it is not as thick.

Posted 2017-10-15T17:18:50+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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