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Uneven shower floor

My tiled shower floor is uneven so that water pools along one side.  What's the best way to repair that?  Can I pour self leveling mortar over the entire floor to create a level surface, then re-tile it?

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Posted 2012-09-07T00:59:29+0000  by porterspot porterspot

Hello porterspot.  Welcome to the Community!


A shower floor, like the bottom of a bathtub, is not supposed to be level.  Water needs to flow from the wall edges down and into the drain.


Tile Shower Floor Pan.jpg


Using a leveling compound will not accomplish this, as the wall edges need to be higher than the drain.  Normally this is accomplished by the contour of the mortar bed base which is below the rubber liner.  In your case, it may be possible to take out the tiles in the low edge and build up that low area with mortar.  You will not want it to be level, but gently sloped up to the wall edge.  When the tiles come up check out the mud base condition.  If it's sound, you may get away with a simple repair like this.  Most of the time though, the base really should be rebuilt, especially if it is so old that there are no weep holes in the drain, or the base mortar is compromised.  Either something has moved/crumbled, or a newer installation was poorly done and needs to be redone.





Posted 2012-09-07T20:20:17+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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