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Unexplainable constant drip from pipe near furnace


The narrow 18" pipe to the right of the furnace drips (sometimes heavily), and the pipe appears to originate from the hot water heater. Please help.



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Posted 2012-09-14T21:51:39+0000  by twin twin



All water heaters are required to have a heat/pressure relief safety valve. Should your heaters controls fail and the water overheat, your water heater  is a potential bomb which could do severe damage to your house and you. These valves will open and let off excess steam and water, lessening the pressure in the tank.  Additional cold water will enter the heater and lessen the immediate danger. However, the water heater should be shut down and the source of control failure determined by a qualified service person.


The safety valves should be periodically opened to assure that they are still working. Unfortunately, they don't always seat well after testing and dripping results. A dripping valve should be replaced

Posted 2012-09-15T05:24:14+0000  by ordjen


thanks for your reply but my question is about a dripping pipe that extends from the hot water oulet of the hot water heater.

the pipe is about 7 feet from the heater and 18 inches long and is located near the furnace's manual water feeder.

the dripping can be heavy at times. please help . thanks again.

Posted 2012-09-15T17:56:31+0000  by twin



You refer to a "furnace". Are you actually talking about a heating boiler which is supplying heat to your house? It sounds like the system may have been set up to supply pre-heated water from the water heater to the heating boiler to avoid cold water shock from cold water entering the hot boiler.


In any event, pipes are not supposed to leak. what exactly is leaking, a coupling or the pipe itself? Is this iron pipe or copper? Hot water is under higher pressure than cold water. Is the leaking greater when the pipe feels hot? During periods when hot water is not being called for, the water in that pipe would cool down and thus leak less.


Sounds like you need a qualified boiler technician to fix your problem.

Posted 2012-09-16T04:15:33+0000  by ordjen
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