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Unfinished cabinet doors wont take stain

I bought a bottom and top cabinet a few months ago and stained them and they were fine.  This week we bought another top cabinet and a tall storage cabinet.  The wood is unfinished.  When trying to stain the doors, three of the doors have areas that will not take the stain.  I have sanded the area down and it won't take the stain.  I have tried touch up markers and pencils and the stain still does not stick.  

How do I get the stain to stick to the doors?  It will be very noticeable if I cannot get it to stain.
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Posted 2018-05-25T15:33:34+0000  by athena4777 athena4777

Hey athena4777,

Thanks for joining us here on the community.

Without seeing any images of the cabinets or knowing what stain you used, it's going to be hard to ascertain what is going on without getting more information from you.

Using touch up materials will actually make your situation worse, so I would recommend to remove those areas first. 

The key to staining is prep work if your cabinet is indeed unfinished and is wood-based. Using a pre-stain wood conditioner is key to make sure the final stain is uniform in appearance and coverage. 

Also, be sure that the stain is being applied exactly as how the can recommends as well as using the correct materials for application. 

Let us know what steps you have done, what type of cabinets and stain you used, and how you applied it using which materials and we can assist you further. 


Posted 2018-05-28T18:56:23+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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