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Unknown wallpaper

Does anyone know where I can find this wallpaper? Online or otherwise? Thanks!



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Posted 2012-12-18T15:01:29+0000  by ktillman ktillman

Hello ktillman!


I know there is a solution out there, but after spending almost an hour searching I must report no luck.


We'll continue looking and hopefully someone will find your wallpaper!


Thanks for joining The Community!

Posted 2012-12-18T21:09:44+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL




Wow, you have got the proverbial needle in a haystack! There are literally hundreds of wallpaper manufacturers. Your pattern also kind of looks as if it has as been around awhile. At least, it has a kind of retro look to it.


I would try a google search using "motif wallpaper, bar, martini"  has your search words. Obviously, these terms are extracted from the wallpaper itself.


Happy searching :)

Posted 2012-12-19T17:50:01+0000  by ordjen

I appreciate all the help! I haven't been able to find it either.

My problem is I have a very large sized hole (approx. 2'x3') in the wall with this paper on it, I stil have the pieces with the wallpaper on it, so I think I could repair it. However, I was hoping to fully replace the wallpaper over the patch, but I might just have to use the pieces and put it back together like a puzzle. Is that possible, and if so how would I go about doing that?

Once again, thank you for all the help!

Posted 2012-12-19T22:17:59+0000  by ktillman




Unfortunately, even if you find the exact paper, like different batches of factory colored paint,  wallpaper has "run numbers". When papering a room, one always had to check that all were from the same run,  because they would exhibit differences in the colors of the inks. To avoid an obvious diffenrence showing , the whole wall would have to be re-papered from corner to corner.


If the hole is in a suitable place, it might be prudent to look for a suitable picture, mirror, blackboard, etc. Or, it just might be time to repaper or go back to painted walls.

Posted 2012-12-21T03:09:19+0000  by ordjen

Happy New Year Ktillman!


Since it is a new year, I thought I'd try my luck again ... but still no exact match.


The thought occurs to me that covering one wall with another variation on your martini theme might be a good alternative.


While searching, I've found a number of papers that would blend with your existing design.


So, give it some thought!


A new year often calls for new approaches ... it may be time to find a fun, creative solution!


Have a great year!

Posted 2013-01-02T15:12:07+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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