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Unlevel subfloor for laminate hardwood

I want to put laminate hardwood in one of my bedrooms. The problem is the subfloor is not level. it's about 3/4 of an inch off over 10 feet going east and west, but it is perfectly level going north and south. The planks would run north and south. The floor is flat, as in no high or low spots, it just slopes to the west.


Do i need to find a way to level the floor, or can I install the laminate floor as is? Also, if leveling is needed, what is the best way to do that? I've heard of people using shingles or roofing felt to shim things up...but it's going to take a lot to bring the one end up 3/4 of an inch. Also, the low side of the room is the side with the door, so I'm worried about that creating an unlevel threshold.


Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.


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Posted 2012-02-01T01:16:40+0000  by novice78 novice78
I'm installing an engineered hardwood floor on my cement slab. I also have an unlevel floor. I was told to make whats called Sleepers. Sleepers are 2x4's that lay on top of the floor and then take a line level or laser level. Find level and transpose the level line to the 2x4's, and cut. Now take your subfloor and install it on the cut edge of the 2x4. Or you can get self leveling cement.
Posted 2012-02-01T02:41:06+0000  by justindavidson

Hello novice78,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


Just as justindavidson said, you can install a sleeper system that consists basically of buiding up your subfloor. I did a post regarding this a while back to read more information on it. While this maybe overkill for your situation, there is an equally effective solution I'll talk about below.


You stated that you have 'laminate hardwood' for one of your bedrooms. While laminate is not real wood, a wood click-lock floor, however, is and installs like a laminate. I was thrown off a little by your description of the floor, but I'm assuming you meant a laminate flooring system (since hardwoods and laminates are 2 different things). 


Since you are dealing with only a 3/4" slope, with no high or low spots as you stated, the best product to put down to level it is self-leveling flooring compound. There are 2 types we sell in our store, and both work great for leveling out slopes. Below is an image and link to one.

LevelQuik Rapid-Setting Self-Leveling Underlayment.png


Using this kind of self-leveling compound will ensure you won't have to build up or construct any shims to bring the 3/4" slope up, it will do the job all by itself.


Whether you decide to self-level the floor or not, you bring up a good point when it comes to choosing the right transition/threshold when it meets the door.


You'll need to determine which one would work the best, and luckily this is something that can be purchased at your local Home Depot.


I hope this information has helped you out and please let us know if we can be of further assistance to you.




Posted 2012-02-04T16:55:30+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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