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Upgrade panel before kitchen\bath remodel or during?

We have an old push matic electric 100 amp panel, is it more cost effective to hire an electrician to upgrade it or roll it into the scope of work for the general contractor who would be remodeling the kitchen and bathrooms?   Would the contractor have to re-do work done by the electrician if its done before?
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Posted 2017-09-24T04:34:14+0000  by cubicalrat cubicalrat
Depending on the scope of the work and what local codes dictate, you may not have a choice in upgrading the panel (and it's probably a good idea anyway).  The electrical code has likely changed quite a bit since those rooms were originally done, so you'll probably need more circuits.

Part of the job of the GC is to coordinate the trades and keep the project flowing smoothly.  So, for example, the electrician has to have his rough-in done by Tuesday so the guys can hang drywall on Wednesday.  Rightfully so, the GC wants to be compensated for his time which usually means that you'll pay more to have the GC hire the electrician and supervise the work.  If you don't have experience in construction, my suggestion would be to let the GC handle the project.
Posted 2017-09-24T09:19:51+0000  by Adam444
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