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Urban Gardening Grows Community Spirit

Urban Gardens can be defined in many ways and for as many reasons. It can be a place to grow vegetables, flowers, herbs and friendships.  It can be an educational tool or a charitable endeavor to support a food bank.  It can contribute to urban renewal by transforming a vacant lot from a dump zone to a productive green space.  Or it can be a plot of soil for someone lives in an apartment with no outside space, to get their hands dirty and nurture something to grow.

In my town of Lombard Illinois, the park district provides 90 Garden Plots 20’x40’ on a first come basis.  Vegetables are the most popular crop but these green growers also plant flowers that help to deter pests. These plots are tilled to make ready for planting.  Your planting materials, tools and supplies for maintaining your plot must be transported back and forth from home.  Because there is only a few water spigot for this very large garden area, water transport can be a challenge. 

Home Depot carries a wide variety of all of the gardening supplies you would need. Everyone has their own ideas as to what garden tools would be considered essential but some basics are:

·         A Cart

·         Hat and gloves and insect repellant

·         Cultivator

·         Hoe, spade, bow rake

·         Trowel

·         Pruner

·         Watering devices

The one I find very important is the Expandable Hose.  They are light weight compact and easy to transport.  See a few examples below.


1/2 inch x 50 foot                                                                        


 3/4 inch x 50 foot with shut off valve     




Visit the Home Depot Garden center for information and help in your garden. 

I love working outside especially with other from my community.  So let’s turn our thumbs green and help make nature bloom.



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