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Urban Gardening: Produce from the Porch

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City living is great, but it can be challenging.


Finding a parking space in the confines of the city’s neighborhoods is an ongoing nightmare; finding a bit of space to have a garden can seem impossible!


Thanks to Bonnie Plants growing produce in the city, or anywhere you can hang a potted plant is now a reality.


Bonnie Plants offers Patio Pots and Hanging Baskets with a great variety of edibles that are already to grow!


All you need is a small foot print of space, sunshine, and water and you can have a potted garden! 


Add a few hanging basket brackets, plus a window box; you can create a suspended garden, there is always room to grow something delicious.



This tiny porch overlooks Dorchester Bay, in a thickly settled, triple decker area of Boston.


This porch is just the place to introduce a few of Bonnie Plant Patio vegetable and herb pots.


The sun rises over the bay so the porch receives the glory of the early morning sun, and the luxury of late afternoon shade. There is always a breeze, sometime a serious wind so the plants will need to be  monitored for moisture loss, and the pots will be secured to porch post to make sure they will not blow over.


I added a reed screen fence to the far end of the porch, it is attached with a simple jute twine, tied off at the railing level, and also secured to the spindles. Not only does the fence add privacy to the porch it also acts as a wind block and a place for the cucumbers to grow up on.




This porch now is a place where: basil, oregano, rosemary, dill, parsley, and cilantro thrive. Tumbling Tom Tomatoes and strawberries hang and flourish in hanging baskets. 




Cucumbers are residing in the window box as well as lemon balm. A sweet red bell pepper plant and a caged cherry tomato planter are anchored by the center post of the porch railing. The corner hosts a great, scented geranium-citronella plant, to help keep mosquitoes away if they dare to fly to the third floor height.




Watching the city workings from this porch is amazing: boats, trains, cars and airplanes are in view form the railing of this porch all day and night, the city never stops it is always moving and being productive.



Now this tiny urban porch will be producing as well!


Create an urban growing oasis, stop by your local Home Depot and shop the Bonnie Plants: Patio Pot selection, you will find there is always space to grow something delicious!!  


Just get growing…..enjoy,    Maureen



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