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Useful Doormats Make a Fashion Statement

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Oh the lowly doormat. 


Once it was the necessary evil at the front door reminding family and guests to leave their unwanted dirt at the door.  The doormat at the backdoor was the last hope of stopping mud and snow from being tracked into the kitchen. 

Newer technologies and attractive styles now make the doormat a fashion icon!  With so many options, you will be proud to welcome family and friends, decorate for the holidays, wipe dirt and mud from feet (and paws), carry your bride over the threshold, or simply put a grin on the mail carrier’s face.



The Front Door Doormat


The front door doormat sets the tone of your home for guests and visitors.  This doormat greets those who enter in while effortlessly tackling dirt, rain, snow and other unwelcome elements.  Select a doormat that can trap dirt and moisture while staying firmly in place.  During a rainy or snowy season, the doormat should resist mold and mildew while keeping its shape and good looks. 


I personally use a heavy-duty coir doormat at my front door.  Even though winter does not provide much snow, I have red clay and dirt to deal with daily.  With record rainfall the past few months, my doormat has had to do extra duty absorbing water to keep me from slipping as I enter my home.  The doormat has a dense high pile with heavy duty backing so it does not move when I step on it.  Made from coconut husks, the coir fiber is naturally mold and mildew resistant.  With a quick shake, the doormat is clean and ready for more action.  My front door doormat is attractive, easy to maintain, absorbs water and dirt while keeping me safe from trips and slips. 


You can find more information about the various materials used in doormat construction as well as placement and maintenance tips in our Doormat Buying Guide.


The Back Door Doormat


In many homes, the back door gives access to the garage and the backyard, which means it is opened more than the front door!  The door with the most use means the doormat gets the most action.


The doormat outside the door needs to be able to take the brunt of family life.  With frequent use, the doormat must be sturdy and capable of minimizing dirt and water from entering the home.  The doormat needs to lie completely flat (it should not curl up along the edges) and not move when stepped on.  Mats with scrapers can remove dirt from sports shoes or snow build-up during the winter months.


The Inside the Door Doormat


In many homes, the inside doormat is just as important as the one outside the door.  Having a doormat that meets your needs is essential to your family’s safety as well as the maintenance of the floor.  This is where the dog jumps up and down to go outside, the kids dump their backpacks after school, and work-weary parents kick off their shoes.  Time to say: honey I’m home! 


The flooring surface may determine what type of backing the doormat should have.  Choose a doormat with backing that is compatible with your floor.  Rough surfaces on the bottom of some doormats can scratch the flooring surface they are protecting.  For example, many black rubber-backed mats are not suitable for laminate, wood, or vinyl flooring since the rubber can interact with the flooring surface and cause discoloration.  On hard surfaces like porcelain tile, you may need to use double-sided tape to keep the mat in place if it has a tendency to move when being walked on.  Avoid placing doormats on carpeting since they tend to shift when walked upon and could cause a slip or a trip.




Basement and Patio Door Doormats


Other doors, such as a basement door, may have occasional use.  A heavy-duty rubber doormat with raised ridges allows you to scrape dirt and snow from boots and shoes while staying firmly in place.


Patio doors let in the great outdoors during summer but are usually kept closed in the winter.  Be sure the doormat used is suitable for the season. Depending upon your climate, you may need to use different doormats for winter and summer to accommodate the changes in weather. 


Doormats Inside the Home


Depending upon individual style, some people like to place doormats in front of rooms that have special purposes.  Some of these doormats have a touch of whimsy; I know because I have one in front of my kitchen sink!  The “Namaste” doormat would be a great addition to an exercise room, “Do Not Enter” is probably appropriate in a teenager’s room, and the “Fan Cave” is best at the entrance to the man cave.  “Keep Calm” is suitable for the unfinished basement, the “American Flag” doormat is great for election year parties, and the “Three Flower Pots Recycled Rubber Mat” would go well in the mudroom.


Since many doormats have rubber backing, use them with care so they do not cause a slip or trip while making a statement.  Be sure the indoor flooring surface is compatible with the doormat backings so no scratches or long-term discolorations occur.


Specialty Doormats


Your four-legged dependents also need to wipe their feet before they enter the home, however, they may not be as conscientious as the other family members are.  Placing a doormat in front of the pet door will help your dog or cat keep the home clean.  Many families have pet feed and water stations near the back door so use a doormat to keep the area clean and trip free. 



Custom Doormats


A customized doormat extends your greeting before you arrive at the door.  This personalization adds a touch of elegance to the front of your home.  A monogram or family name on a doormat makes a wonderful housewarming or wedding gift.


Depending upon the size and style of doormat, you can select a monogram (usually the first initial of your last name) or use your last name.  For families with different last names, consider using the first initial of the two last names.


Whether placed outside and or indoors, doormats serve a variety of purposes: stopping mud and dirt, removing water, holding snow, greeting friends and family, and even making a pet’s life easier.  No matter which doormat you choose, they always signal there’s no place like ….





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