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Using Flooring as a Wall Accent

One of the recent trends in a home is using materials in a unique way. Using flooring on a vertical surface is no exception to this rule. Real wood or laminate flooring planks are a great choice to spruce up a wall, whether you want to cover it entirely or just accent it, like in the image below.

For putting flooring planks on your wall, it can be approached several ways. Before you even attach them to the walls, be aware you'll need to do proper planning first. For example, know the area you'd like to cover. Inspect the wall(s) to ensure they are level and clean. Measure where you'd want the planks to go; even if it is for a small size.

Luckily, we've had the subject of installing flooring planks on a vertical surface already. Our  in house expert on the matter, Angelo_HD_CHI, has authored a great post on how to install flooring on your walls in a very concise and easy to understand guide. Click here to view this post. It can and will answer your questions regarding how to successfully install flooring planks on a wall.

If you want to use wood/laminate flooring planks for décor, consider using them for dramatic spaces where you'd like to make it a focal point for a room. A good example of this is shown below to give more emphasis to a bed's headboard. Or maybe you just want to decorate a wall in the dining room. The choices are up to your own budget and imagination.

The Home Depot actually sells wood wall planks online. While you can still use the flooring types, these may interest you if you are looking for placing wood on the walls.

Please click here to view all of your choices.

And as always, let us know if you have any further questions.


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Posted 2016-01-25T16:55:14+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL Joseph_HD_ATL