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Using painter tape on freshly painted walls

Painted the walls, now its time to do the crown molding. Is it safe to use painters tape on the freshly painted walls/ If not , what can I use to make sure the paint  for the molding does not get on the walls?

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Posted 2012-03-23T17:50:27+0000  by rockscats rockscats

Hey rockscats, welcome to the Community!


There are a couple of simple solutions I can think of.


First, if you can wait at least 24 hours (2 days is better) for the wall paint to dry, ScotchBlue Painter's Tape for Delicate Surfaces can be used to mask off the wall.  It has a low adhesion that is unlikely to pull fresh paint off the wall.

ScotchBlue Delicate.jpg

Another option would be to use a paint shield like this Husky 12" model:

Paint Shield.jpg

Shields are available in various sizes.  The only trick with these shields is that you will have to frequently wipe off the blade as you move across the wall.


Other tools like painting edgers work well when painting the wall near trim, but not so well when actually painting the trim.


I hope this helps,




Posted 2012-03-23T18:56:40+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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