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Using rope to display bags in retail space.

I have a retail space that I'm transforming.  The merch is very eco friendly so I wanted a very natural free flowing fixturing idea.  My first idea is to hang inch wide rope from the wall, probably using screw in hooks on the top and bottom, making it tight.  Then I thought I could hook paper clips or something and hang the bags from the rope in a cascading fashion.  I know that the look will be interesting and appealing for the space, but is it really feasible?

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Posted 2011-04-03T20:42:27+0000  by natebehling natebehling

Wow, what a fun question! I love it when people think outside the box.


I think that the rope idea is brilliant. There are a couple of things to consider about the installation and safety of the rope display:


   The eye hooks screwed into a secure surface is the right way to go. But, you will have a difficult time making the rope tight enough to hold weight. I recommend tying an “S” hook on each end of the rope. Adjust the length of the rope so that you have to almost stretch it to reach the eye hook. This will keep it tight and give it strength.


As far as securing the “bags” – the sky’s the limit as to the many creative ways to create a hook system. Here are a few ideas I had, but would welcome the community to make more suggestions.


Office binder clips can be found in at any office supply store and they come in various colors and sizes.  Just tie the rope through one of the clip eyes (so it doesn’t slide down).  Just squeeze the clip open and hang a bag.

binder clips.jpg

 Carabiner hooks attached with small zip ties.


My favorite – decorative buttons from a craft store. Get the kind that has a pin and a back to it. Simply pierce the rope with the pin and secure the backing. Provided that the handles on bags are not too thick…this should be a unique way to display them.


Lastly, colorful safety pins or diaper pins pierced through the rope. One inch rope comes in several different colors – try color coordinating the pins and rope.



I hope that this gets you started. Please post pictures of what you decided to do so we all can enjoy.


Posted 2011-04-04T13:30:43+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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