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Using spray paint on rug to cover a paint stain

Can I use Spray paint(what type) to cover a pain spill on a rug?

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Posted 2013-08-12T19:27:09+0000  by cherylo cherylo

You know cherylo, some ideas sound easier than others until you consider the full impact of your actions.


It is hard for me to see how covering a paint spill with more paint will improve the appearance of your rug.




Krud Kutter removes dried latex paint.


Spritz the paint spill until thoroughly wet; three times, waiting about five minutes between.


This should re-wet the paint, then apply a pre-wash and run the rug through a heavy duty washer.




I have removed paint this way several times and the key is allowing Krud Kutter to saturate the painted area before cleaning.


If the stain does not come out completely, go through the same cycle again before drying.

Posted 2013-08-13T13:51:37+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

 A useful tool in trying to remove paint stains or spills immediately, is a wet vacumn, if you have one. I have a Bissell "Lil'Green Machine", which is a small dedicated household wet vacumn for use around the house. Many shop vacumns are also wet vacumns.


The trick is to flood the area with water or solvent and then vacumn the residue up. Blotting with towels will never completely get the residue out. Vacumning pulls out the pigment rather than just spred it around.


I think using Pat's suggestion with Krud Kutter and then a wet vacumn to extract the residue could be quite effective. Of course, the best would be have a vacumn ready at the time of the spill, before the paint sets or dries. I initially bought the Green Machine to handle doggie accidents, but came to find how usefull it was for other accidents. Works great on red wine stains too. Flood the area with carbonated water and keep vacumning it!

Posted 2013-08-13T17:23:13+0000  by ordjen
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