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Project Ideas: Seasonal & Holiday

Valentine's Day Scrap Wood Heart

Most folks usually consider Valentine's Day a time to give that special someone a card or candy. My thought always was, if you really like someone.....why not create something that is a bit more permanent?

Using scrap plywood pieces from previous projects, I decided to construct a simple wooden heart.

This isn't the first time I've made a wooden heart for Valentine's Day. Click here to view the build on a previous version (also shown below). 

This version is a stripped down take of that previous Valentine's Day heart. However, it still takes certain tools, steps, and know-how to make it successful. Here's how you can make your own.










Table or compound mitre saw



Measuring Tape/Ruler



Power sander or sandpaper








1 sheet of 2' x 2' or small pieces of 1/2"" plywood

wood glue

Pink Spray Paint

Burgundy Paint

Small artist's brush



3 Paint Stir Sticks



Marker and/or pencil


STEP 1: Take your plywood and cut it down to small (roughly 3" x 3") shapes of your choice via the table and/or compound saw.

These will be your 'puzzle pieces' you'll get to place together to make the final heart design. Arrange them in a way that resembles a heart. You'll most likely need to re-cut and take out certain pieces for this to happen.

Set aside edge pieces, straight and curved, for the outline. Choose larger pieces if you can for the middle portions. The more unique the cuts will be from your cut marks, the more unique your final design will be.

STEP 2: After laying out the design you like, you'll next use spray paint on the individual pieces. You typically paint after building everything together, however, you can get more for a sprayed look on individual pieces doing it this way.

As an optional step, you can sand the edges using a 120 grit sandpaper to smooth edges.

STEP 3: After getting the shape that you like from the pieces and the spray paint has dried, begin to piece them together using wood glue.

Some areas may have gaps and/or weak spots, so use clamps to join areas together.

If there are still areas that won't join or hold up properly, use small wooden paint sticks on the back of the heart to give it reinforcement. Use wood glue to bond everything together. Using a weight on the sticks/pieces helps it bond better at this step.

STEP 4: At this or at previous steps, you need to check to see if your heart really does look like one. If it doesn't, always make the overall shape somewhat larger, and you can carefully cut out the edges using a jigsaw once the glue has dried.

Since the wood pieces can be uneven, use extreme caution with cutting at this step.

STEP 5: Once you get the heart cut out to how you like it, now you can add lettering. Since I got the inspiration from those small Valentine's Day heart candies, I decided to use the "BE TRUE" phrase found on some of them. 

Using a measuring tape/ruler and pencil, begin to layout the letter designs.

Once you get the layout you prefer, now you can use the darker burgundy paint for the lettering using a small artist's brush.

STEP 6: Once you get the letters to dry, double check the pencil marks that may still be on them. Erase them to give it a more professional look.

Now, you are ready to hang your newest creation. Use a small drill bit to cut a hole in the back of it so that a nail/screw can hang onto it.

It maybe tricky to hang your heart evenly, so use your level to ensure that it looks great hanging on the wall.

Now you can enjoy your latest creation! Since this is a custom and unique project, any 2 of these hearts can look different in size and style. The final size on this was no wider or higher than 14 inches.

Be creative if you wish with your colors and types of wood, and you'll now now have a great Valentine's Day for anyone of your choosing....including yourself!

Let us know if you have any further questions regarding this fun project.



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