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Vanity 'lift'

Hi All,

      In the planning, almost-ready-to-begin phase of a minor bathroom facelift. My wife and I are both tall and would like a higher double vanity, though most vanities seem a standard height. Any suggestions on a stable plaatform, or other idea, for raisng the bathroom vanity? Maybe,  6 inches or so? Thank you for any advise.


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Posted 2013-03-18T15:49:04+0000  by Garsinmh Garsinmh


Hi Garsinmh,


If you are replacing the vanity, our kitchen and bath designers can have a semi-custom unit designed and constructed to suit your needs. See the kitchen and bath designer at your local Home Depot for more information.


If you want to keep the existing vanity, then a platform with additional drawers could be added to raise the height of the existing vanity. A local cabinet shop could construct such a unit for you.


A third option would be to remove the existing vanity and reinstall it higher up on the wall.


No matter which option you choose, modifications to the plumbing and possibly the relocation

of electrical outlets will be necessary to accommodate the changes.



Posted 2013-03-18T19:36:20+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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Posted 2013-06-14T04:24:53+0000  by peterpaul
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