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Veneer finish on my end table

I want to redo the finish On my end table. I think the legs, base and some of the other pieces may be of wood. But the top itself has a veneer finish. Mostly the table just looks old and dull. But there is a corner on the top that is in need of repair. It is about a 3"" by 4"" spot where the finish has been worn or scrapped off. I want to bring the table back from the dead. But I have never worked with a veneer finish.


 Do I have to do the whole thing? Or can I just sand it down and stain over it? What are my options?


First time with veneer. So any and all hints are welcome. And thanks.

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Posted 2012-05-13T19:26:05+0000  by MrIcandoit MrIcandoit

You are correct in being a little cautious with veneer.   It's assembled with several thin criss-cross layers of wood glued tightly together. If sanded down too deep - the opposite grain will show and then there is nothing left to do but paint it.


Is it possible to post a picture of the table so I can look at it and give you the best advice as how to proceed?


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Posted 2012-05-13T19:59:06+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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