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Venetian Plaster


Is it possibel to use Venetian Plaster to cover bathroom ceramic tile?  If yes, what technique would be best?


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Posted 2012-05-07T14:52:39+0000  by oakland2012 oakland2012




There are a couple problems with putting a product such as Behr's Venetian Plaster over ceramic tile:


The first concern would be getting good adhesion . Ceramic tile is very hard and slick.  Even if a reasonable bond could be achieved, it would be extremely chip prone whenever something struck it.


Secondly, the product is not particularly suited for a high humidity, moisture prone environment. The product is inherently  very porous. Behr does not recommend it at all for such environments without top coating it with a clear acrylic coating. The clear top coating lessens that sheen variation which makes venetian plaster so interesting when it is polished.


Also, the recessed nature of the grout lines would require that you build up a really heavy coat of the product to hide those lines.


Perhaps other posters here have a better solution, but I would not proceed with venetian plaster over tile.

Posted 2012-05-07T19:01:41+0000  by ordjen

Hello Oakland2012!


Venetian Plaster is not a good product choice to change the appearance of your ceramic bathroom tile.


In an earlier thread, Paul, an accomplished pro, shows examples of three products useful for painting tile. He adds a caution to "Before you decide to go this route, do some research on the process..."


Further in the thread, you'll read about how these products work.


So, take Paul's advice and read the earlier thread before you begin.

Posted 2012-05-15T15:15:51+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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