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Venetian Plaster ... Non-Traditional Application

A member of The Community, PJ, recently asked (by Email) about using non-traditional tools and techniques to apply Behr Venetian Plaster. PJ wanted to know if it was OK to thin the product and use rags as applicators.


I replied:


Hello PJ!


Behr Venetian Plaster is a very unique product designed to be applied with a trowel.


The first coat is spread in a thin layer holding the trowel at a 15-degree to 30-degree angle. Allow a minimum of four hours to dry.


The second coat is spread in a thin layer holding the trowel at a 60-degree to 90-degree angle. Allow 24-hours to dry.


A polished effect can be obtained by sanding the surface with 400-grit or 600-grit sandpaper, removing the sanding dust, and then rubbing the surface with the flat side of the steel trowel.


Venetian Plaster Top Coat can be applied when the product is installed in a high-traffic or high-moisture area. Top coat after polishing and the finished surface will have a satin sheen.


NOTE: 1) DO NOT THIN this product; and 2) While many faux finishes are applied with random tools, I have never encountered instruction using rags to apply this product. You will note I use non-traditional tools (like the spiky top of a pineapple) when faux finishing. And, in many of my posts I encourage creative solutions ... but I also recommend trying new and different techniques on a sample board first. Should you decide to go "off the beaten path," be certain to keep up with your techniques so they can be accurately repeated on your full wall ... and don't forget to share them with your friends here on The Community.


To The Community:

Most often, I recommend following the manufacturer's instructions when applying products ... countless hours were spent developing both products and application techniques to help ensure your success.


History also shows that the "Artists" among us commonly break with instructional convention to "create" their own technique, often resulting in unique and (sometimes) appealing end results.


If you have attempted or successfully applied Behr Venetian Plaster using non-traditional tools or techniques, please take time to share your experience with others here on The Community.


Should you choose to share a creative pathway, please be prepared to provide accurate detail about your pathway to success as well as caution about what lead to failure ... photos of your efforts would be most helpful!


Warranty Concern: You will certainly void the manufacturer's warranty by going off their instructions.

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Posted 2012-03-22T15:55:38+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL Pat_HD_ATL