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Venetian Plaster color issue

This past weekend I went and picked up 3 gallons of Behr Venetian Plaster in the Dante color.


I did a small test patch tonight and it looks significantly darker than the brouchure shows it as which has got me worried and made me stop my project.  I am afraid it may end up being too dark for the room I am apply in. I was not expecting this color to be so dark brownish/orange mustardy and a little bit more yellowish and lighter in color.


Is there anything that can be done to lighten up this color.  I am really disappointed at the moment.



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Posted 2012-05-31T04:00:54+0000  by alex_ont alex_ont

Hello Alex!


Sorry to learn of your color issue.


Every day at The Paint Pit colors are adjusted to suit customer preference.


However, it is also true that dark colors tend to resist being made lighter ... but within reasonable limits it may be possible.


The best advice I can give you is to take your Venetian Plaster back to The Store and ask your Paint Associate to try.


Adjust one gallon at a time, keeping up with the revisions so you can make the same changes to each gallon.


Once one gallon is modified, you'll want to dry a sample and display it in your room.


If satisfied, make the same changes to the other gallons.


NOTE: Finally, the lighting in that room will also determine how the color appears. Since lighting impacts the way you see a color, you might also consider changing the light bulbs in that room. Reveal bulbs generate full spectrum light most similar to daylight. You may find that under full spectrum light the color samples will appear lighter.

Posted 2012-05-31T16:42:49+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL




The venetian plaster is somewhat like a "deep base" paint in that it has no white, or any other pigment in it. The color is obtained solely from the pigments which are shot into it by the HD paint department.  The "Dante" formula has no white pigment in it. What this means is that a couple ounces of white pigment can effect a real change in lightening the product. There are about 6 ounces of colorant in the Dante formula. Behr advises that a total of about 8 ounces may be added to the venetian plaster without corrupting its integrity.


As the previous post advises, go back to your HD paint department and have white slowly added to it until it reaches your satisfaction.

Posted 2012-06-02T03:55:15+0000  by ordjen
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