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Vent hose replacement

What are the best options for replacing a worn out flexible dryer vent hose? I'm having diffuculty connecting the hose to the dryer. It seems the diameter of the hose is a bit too small for the connection to the dryer and  I don't have much room to clamp or tape the connection.  

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Posted 2013-07-05T17:24:03+0000  by edman69 edman69

Hello edman69.  Welcome to the Community!


My preference for dryer venting is to use "hard pipe" ductwork whenever possible.

It looks like this:


Hard Duct.png

Don't use screws to hold these items together, as they will trap lint that way.  Worm drive clamps are much better.


Another option would be to use a semi-rigid kit like this one shown below:


GE Kit.jpg

You can click on the pictures to find these items at


In addition, for really tight spaces there are special fittings made just for this.

Here is an example of a dryer periscope:




Is this what you are looking for?





Posted 2013-07-05T18:15:51+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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