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Vermont Castings BBQ with side burner * stainless model

Hi I'm trying to obtain the model number for the Vermont Castings BBQ with side burner * stainless model...this model was exclusive to home one seems to know the model retailed around $700 - $800 range...


Please Help!

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Posted 2012-03-20T14:15:20+0000  by Pea Pea

Greetings Pea,


My name is Tom, also known here in the community as HD116. I have quite a bit of experience with grills, do cooking demonstrations at my local store during the "season" (which to me is year -round) and have actually cooked competitively.


While we have not carried the Vermont Castings line in my market for a while, the good news is that they have kept the model numbers fairly simple. They tie the series of grills to the number of burners. 3 burners equates to a 300 series, 4 to a 400 series, etc. An SS in the model number indicates stainless steel. The 300 and 400 series offered an optional side burner, but retailers such as the Home Depot would carry a particular model that would cater to most people and they would build to suit and issue a unique model number.


The model number that you likely have is the VM450SSP which is a four burner stainless steel model that featured a side burner. It did retail for $650.00 - $700.00. and was exclusive to the Home Depot. The model was carried in some stores/markets as recently as about 5 years ago.


Hope that helps you in determining your particular model. If not you may need to contact them directly. Although there is no direct number for them available through their site, Vermont Castings is still around. Contact to them is done through their dealer network. A link to their website to determine a local dealer is found here.

Posted 2012-03-20T15:29:52+0000  by HD116
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