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Vernmont Castings grill ignitor assmebly and switch

I have a bout a 10 year old gas grill from Vermont Castings I purchased from Home Depot. I have since called several dealers locally and cannot find the iginitor switch.and assembly. The swtich works, if you turn it with a pair of plyers, but the male head which holds the plastic cover is broken and the cover is striped. Would anyone know where to get this mechanism. I heard that VC was sold and parts are hard to come by. I have no idea what the model number is, just that it is blue on the outside. Too bad, hate to buy a new grill for the sake of an ignitor switch assembly.


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Posted 2011-03-26T17:10:32+0000  by marathonman001 marathonman001

I actually found the model number and it is C9030LP

Posted 2011-03-26T17:18:02+0000  by marathonman001

Hey marathonman001.


This is greengiant from Atlanta, but you can call me halfmarathonman or 70.3man. I have looked everywhere for assembly switch and struck out. I must say 10 years is not bad for a grill. I have never got more than 6 years out of mine. The Home Depot does sell universal igniter but having worked at Depot 14 years I know that they would not fit your grill properly.


It does sometimes happen that companies go under making replacement parts nearly impossible to find. I am sorry this happened, but come into the store with your old igniter and lets see if there is something that we can get to work.

Posted 2011-03-27T15:57:45+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

Hello Marathonman001, and welcome to our community!


It's a bummer that you were not able to find the part by calling your local dealers. I did try searching your part number C9030LP, and I did find a company online in Arkansas that has parts for your Vermont Castings, click Here and check out this site, they do have the igniter & switches and other parts as well. You would have to match up what your part looks like and compare it with what they have, or call them directly.


I hope this works for you, and happy grilling!

Posted 2011-03-31T14:42:53+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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