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Very well established, 45 years, St Augustine Grass, Columbus, Ga. what type fertilizer to use now

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Posted 2013-07-12T17:15:11+0000  by cpp2987 cpp2987

Hi cpp2987,


St. Augustine grass is a very popular lawn grass all across the southern United States. Fertilize St. Augustine anytime that it is actively growing with fertilizer rich in nitrogen and potassium. Phosphorus is not necessary on a well established lawn, such as yours.


Scott's Bonus-S is an excellent choice for St. Augustine that needs additional weed control.



Lesco also makes a great fertilizer for you if weeds are not a problem. 


 50 lbs. 24-0-11 Fertilizer


St. Augustine doesn't require any special or unique fertilizer, but be aware of what weed control chemicals that you apply to your lawn. St. Augustine is not resilient to 2,4-D, the most common weed killer for lawns here, in Atlanta. Avoid using any weed control that contains 2,4-D on St. Augustine.


Atrazine can be used on your lawn to control the weeds, such as Dollar Weed.


Fertilize twice per year during the growing season with a low phosphorus (middle number) fertilizer. Only use weed control that is specifically labeled for St. Augustine.


Thanks for asking, welcome to The Community!!!




Posted 2013-07-12T19:39:39+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL
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