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Veteran's Discount

I admire Home Depot for offering Veteran's a 10% discount. I typically do all my shopping for hardware there now because of that. But's it's disappointing that Home Depot appears to be selective when it comes to offering the Veteran's a discount. Why is it that most item's when they are on sale they offer the discount. For example a Duwalt cordless drill can be on sale and the discount is honored. But when appliances go on sale they will not. Specifically... currently LG appliances are on sale (as of 4/28/16) but Home Depot of Waukesha will not honor the discount per store manager Mike. Yet when I go to Lowe's who have the same pricing they will honor the discount also. Why is it Home Depot will not match Lowe's?
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Posted 2016-04-30T03:24:05+0000  by TonyNick TonyNick
It's called profit.  The margins in retail are so low that discount on top of discount generally means no profit.  Not much point in being in business if you're not going to make money.

Home Depot's net profit is just under 8%.  In other words after all the bills are paid, they're left with 8 cents on the dollar.  If they give you ten cents, how much is left?  Now, it's not quite that simple of an equation but I think you see the point.
Posted 2016-04-30T09:15:12+0000  by Adam444
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