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Vigoro Lawn Fertilizer with Assurance Particle Technology

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Green lawn aficionado’s, stand up and take note! With Vigoro’s Assurance Particle Technology, the particles are now smaller and more uniform, and covers more evenly. And best of all, it greens in 72 hours!  With Vigoro, you also get the “Even Feeding, Even Greening, No Burn Guarantee. Ask for it at your local Home Depot Garden Department.



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In addition to the standard lawn fertilizer with the Assurance Particle Technology, this lawn fertilizer is also available in Weed and Feed. With the improved smaller particles, which provide 2X more coverage over the weed blades, if applied correctly the broad leafed invaders will not stand a chance.

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Remember that it is important that you use a lawn fertilizer spreader to insure the proper application on your lawn.  


Continued use of this nitrogen rich time released fertilizer (29-0-4) will improve your lawn’s ability to absorb water and nutrients and help strengthen your lawn against heat and drought. For optimal results, feed your lawn every 8 weeks when grass is actively growing.


As with any fertilizer, ensure that your lawn is well hydrated before applying any fertilizer to it.  Also, for best results, don't forget to water the fertilizer right after application.



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