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Vinyl Garage Flooring

I recently purchased two sheets of the roll out vinyl garage flooring (7 1/2' X 17') along with the center and edge stripping.  I had intended to install it lengthwise in the garage, requiring it to be trimmed by a couple of feet to fit the depth of the garage.  It occurred to me that I could install in horizontally in the garage and it would cover much better and without having to trim it.  My question is whether this would work and whether the center strip piece would hold up under the constant weight of the car going over it.  Thank you.
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Posted 2016-05-26T11:28:14+0000  by NancyJBerry NancyJBerry

Hello NancyJBerry and welcome to the Community.

If I know the manufacturer of your garage flooring I could give a more informed answer.  Without that information, I would advise you read the installation instructions carefully.  They usually give details at to how their products should be installed.  If their instructions are not clear, I would be happy to help you with your research or you could google the manufacturers website. 

If possible send me the model and manufacturer's information( upc if possible).  I would be very interested in finding the answer to your question.

Thanks for your inquiry.


Posted 2016-05-26T14:03:49+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
Hi Charlotte,

Thank you for your quick response.  Below is the information on the flooring:

Husky 7.5ft. X 17ft. Diamond Grey Universal Flooring  Model #HK70DT717SGRHD.  

I also purchased the G-Floor 25ft. Length Slate Grey Mat Edge Trim Model #GFEDGE25SG and the G-Floor 25ft. Slate Grey Mat Center Trim  Model #GFCENTER25SG.

And, being that the flooring and edge strips are different manufacturers, will they fit properly? 

Thank you.

Posted 2016-05-26T17:23:16+0000  by NancyJBerry

Hello again NancyJBerry,

The Husky 7.5 ft. x 17 ft. Diamond Grey Universal Flooring is actually produced by the same manufacturer as the G-Floor, so they are totally compatible. 

 In the G-Floor description for the transition strips, it states that- As a transitional accessory, it is not intended for bearing loads.  I talk to the manufacturer and they indicated that it is okay to drive over the transition strip but not to have the weight of the car parked on top of it. 

If you choose to use tape or adhesive this is what is recommended:
an acrylic-based tape for vinyl or an acrylic-based pressure sensitive

adhesive (PSA) for vinyl to hold edges in place

Here is an installation video you may find very helpful.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Posted 2016-05-26T20:41:39+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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