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Vinyl fence install

I just bought enough Veranda 6'x6' Windham panels with 5x5 8' posts for a 24ft fence along the side my garage. The person who will do the instal will use Quickcrete to set posts. How deep should the 8' posts be set, I assume it will need to be 2ft for the 6ft fence (actually 68'').  Should he use a 50lb bag of Quickcrete for each hole? Do I need 4x4 wood posts with the Vinyl posts as sleeves? I was thinking 3 wood posts would be secure enough (2 on ends and 1 in middle). Thanks.

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Posted 2012-07-20T15:22:28+0000  by dbr211 dbr211

Greetings Dbr211!! And welcome to the How-To-Community!!!


Glad to see you’re putting up a fence that is very easy to maintain.  These vynel fences have come a long way and look very nice.  There are just a few steps to remember along the way to help ensure your fence stays upright!!!


First things first.  If you’re in an area that receives snow or major cold and frost the post will have to be buried below the frost line 2 ½-3ft down.  The size of the hole should be in the range of a round  12”x12”.  Also using wooden post under the sleeves can cause them to rot out, plus they are a lot smaller then the sleeve it’s self.  You can also fill the sleeves with concrete if you would like. By reinforcing the post with concrete it will help the life and the strength of the fence.  Hanging the vinyl panels is simple with the hardware kit that comes with them.  Everything you need is the kits.  When it comes to mixing up the concrete, the best thing you can do is just use a regular all purpose concrete.  This should be mixed outside in a tray or wheelbarrow then added to the proper area.  This will be the easiest way and best way to get the job done right!!


Since this isn’t a super large area, the project should go up with ease.  If you run into any problems or have any further questions feel free to write us back!!!

Posted 2012-07-20T20:40:36+0000  by FlyingHDsod
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