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Wafer hex screws?

Hi - I was putting together a wood bench and ended up stripping one of the screws...I think they're called wafer hex screws?  They're very common in a lot of put-it-together-yourself wood furnture.


Does anyone know if HD sells these or are they specialty items?



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Posted 2011-06-22T12:31:00+0000  by desarrayed desarrayed



My name is Tom, known here as HD 116 and allow me to welcome you to our community.


We do carry the wafer hex screws that are commonly used in furniture making, and in my store they are located in the "Hard to find hardware" section in the same aisle as nuts and bolts. One style looks like this:


Hope that helps, and we wish you the best on your project!


Posted 2011-06-22T12:44:05+0000  by HD116

Thanks Tom - I'll stop by - I'm hoping ot find something that looks like this Wafer-Hex-Socket-Cap-Furniture-Screw.jpg

Posted 2011-06-22T13:06:32+0000  by desarrayed

Hi again,


Yes, we should have that one too, the store sku is 610132 and it looks like this:



We are happy to help!

Posted 2011-06-22T13:19:47+0000  by HD116

You just made my day!  :-)

Posted 2011-06-22T13:37:53+0000  by desarrayed

Hi there!


We love making peoples days! Happy to assist in resolving the issue.


Take care,



Posted 2011-06-22T13:40:56+0000  by HD116
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