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Wall Brackets for ClosetMaid SuperSlide Ventilated Wire

how to install wall maid closet shelf

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Posted 2013-06-13T21:31:50+0000  by josedepot josedepot

Hello josedepot,


Welcome to the community and thank you for your question; awesome screen name!:smileytongue:


The ClosetMaid Preloaded Wall Brackets (shown and linked below) are just one part of a system to help hold your shelves on the wall securely.

ClosetMaid Preloaded Wall Brackets for ClosetMaid SuperSlide Ventilated Wire Shelving (2-Pack)


These brackets go to the sides of the shelf to hold them in, but you are also going to need back clips to hold the shelves up against the back of the wall. Also, if your shelf is over 3 feet wide, I would recommend to use a support bracket, at least one in the center, to support the weight.


To install the brackets and the entire shelf system, first mark and measure where the shelf will go. Use a pencil or ball-point pen alongside a level to make marks where the shelf will go. Once you do this, you are ready to install the back clips.


The back clips are what holds and supports the weight of the shelf on the back. These are just as important as the side brackets shown above. You'll need a hammer to drive in the clips into the sheetrock. Measure the depth of the shelf (we sell them in 12 and 16 inch depths for the brackets to work).


Don't worry about hitting or missing a stud, these clips will work in either case. Click on the image below for more info.

ClosetMaid Preloaded Back Wall Clips for ClosetMaid Wire Shelving (7-Pack)


Once these clips are set in the line marked on the wall, you will then install the side brackets; hammering in the nails first into the wall. After the clips and brackets are in the wall, you can then place the shelf on the wall. Once you do this, you place a wall support bracket if the shelf is wider than 3 feet.


Thats pretty much the basics of a fixed shelf ClosetMaid system. Let me know if you have further questions regarding installing your shelves.





Posted 2013-07-17T19:51:14+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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