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Project Ideas: Indoor Decor

Wall mounted headboard help

I was gifted a headboard that is designed to be wall mounted. I rent and can't damage the walls. Is there anyway I can adapt the headboard to attach to my bed frame?
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Posted 2015-07-27T02:15:08+0000  by TheOtherAshley TheOtherAshley

Howdy “TheOtherAshley”,

I have some ideas that might help you with your headboard question. For starters we can only guess what your headboard looks like or what it is made of. I’m going to guess it’s wooden and a bit wider than a bed to have that classic headboard look.


Using a 2X4 piece of wood on the backside of your headboard would give you support and height. You also might want to paint the wood to match the headboard if it’s easy to see. When choosing the screws make sure the screws used are not so long as to go through the other side. 

As a finishing touch, use some felt or rubber pads to keep the wood from scratching the walls and making noise.


Last but not least you could drill out holes in the wood to attach it to the bed frame if you have any holes available. These ideas are always open to better re-works, so get creative and a little brave.


Happy Building,

Coach Dave

Posted 2015-07-27T20:13:09+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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