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Wall switch wiring

I want to replace one of my wall switches. When examining the wiring I found that the black wire is a continuous wire with a portion of the insulation removed and one of the leads to the switch twisted around it. It was just covered with electrical tape. I understand that this must be the middle of the circuit but wouldn't it be safer / more correct to cut the wire and twist the three ends together with a wire nut? The red wire is terminated.

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Posted 2012-09-14T18:22:56+0000  by TalkingRock TalkingRock

Update: This is a dual switch outlet controlling my ceiling fan. One for the fan, the other for the fan light. There is a photo in my album. The black wire I called continuous actually terminates at the other switch. I want to change the dimmer to a regular switch.

Posted 2012-09-14T21:08:59+0000  by TalkingRock


Hey TalkingRock  


You are absolutely correct, it would me much safer if you were to cut all three ends of the wire (of course with the power turned off) and tie them all together with the correct wire nut. That’s how they should have done it at the first place.


tr img.jpg


Also you've got to many wires going on here... you can eliminate the black wire going from the dimmer to the red (switchable) wire... and connect the red wire directly to the new switch - see blue arrow



Switch #2- tape red or blue wire on its outgoing hot (switchable) wire so that you or next person  working on that switch knows which is power source  and which is the outgoing hot. 


Finally ground is not connected to the switches -fix it. - see green arrow.


Hope this helps,




Posted 2012-09-17T16:25:19+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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