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Wall treatment

How do I create a craftman style look for my walls?

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Posted 2013-11-04T14:33:55+0000  by Sandie52 Sandie52

Hello Sandie52!


The Craftsman Style is noted for hand-crafted woodwork (windows, doors, columns, and trim) that commonly portrays an upright or vertical appearance.


These patterns also repeat themselves across an exterior or interior wall.


The first step would be to add Craftsman windows and doors ... here is a great example.

Craftsman 3 Lite Arch Stained Door.jpg

Notice the arched glass and the tongue and groove inset panel.


The side lites show off wood framing as well, rather than displaying glass all the way out to the door frame.


Inside the room, you might consider adding a wood platform for your bed or dining room furniture ... handrails for your platform would be visually similar to the woodwork on your doors and windows.


Exposed beams which cross the ceiling would add one more touch.


And, from there simply make certain that all of your additions are either stained or white ... because one of the key features to Craftsman Style is showing off the handmade features of your room or home.


Paint which creates contrasts with the woodwork is a familiar theme in Craftsman Style.



In any design project which displays wood, there is a point at which the design becomes too heavy or gaudy.


Be cautious to draw or CAD your room before launching into the project.


Your Millworks and Building Materials Associates can help you develop a budget.

Posted 2013-11-05T14:49:53+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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