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Walls are a mess after painting

After recently purchasing our first home, my husband and I decided to paint the kitchen.  The previous color was a yellow and we went with Ruby Ring by Behr.  He took the tape off today and the paint came with it!  Not to mention there are streaks everywhere.  Any advice?  I'm trying not to freak out and be upset but I'd really like to have my kitchen not look like a disaster area.

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Posted 2011-05-25T18:40:04+0000  by cowmingo cowmingo

Hi Cowmingo,


I'm PatInPaint and I work in the Paint Department in Atlanta.


Welcome and thanks for the excellent question.


Walls are commonly smooth, not textured, so I will base my answer upon painting a smooth surface.


Commonly, paint streaks are created when a dark color (like Ruby Red) is painted on the wall and then recoated too fast. What happens is the second coat re-wets the first coat and creates streaks.


The solution is simply waiting six hours between coats.


Another way to improve the appearance is to use "smoothing strokes." 


Begin working in an area about as wide as your body. Cut-in at the top and the bottom of the wall and then fill the wall with paint using W-strokes or V-strokes. You will usually refill your roller with paint four or five times to fill the wall in front of you.


Before you move over and without going back to the tray for more paint, roll one continuous stroke from the cut-in at the top of the wall to the cut-in near the floor. You should overlap these smoothing strokes about one-half inch and you should expect to use four or five of these full-length strokes to completely smooth the area in front of you.


Then move over the width of your body and repeat.


You can reduce the number of spots where tape clings by purchasing low-adhesion Delicate Surface 3M Tape.


Tape releases most easily using a razor knife to cut along the length of the seam ... then removing.

Posted 2011-05-26T17:06:27+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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