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Want to restain an old rocker.Does the old stain have to come off first?

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Posted 2013-04-12T23:21:53+0000  by nurtureyou1216 nurtureyou1216




If you want to use a true penetrating stain, the answer is yes, the old finish must be entirely removed. There is, however, one other option: Minxax has a product called PolyShades. This is a urethane varnish with color in suspension in it. PolyShades may be brushed or sprayed right over the existing finish, assuming that it is otherwise in pretty good shape and only a color change is desired.


PolytShades is not neccessarily compatible with all types of existing finishes. It is prudent to make a sample in some inconspicuous polace, such as the undeside of the seat of back of a leg. If after several hours the PolyShades has firmly bonded and not harmed the existing finish, you may proceed.


If the PolyShades did disturb the old finish, all is not lost! The chair can first be sprayed with a coat of Zinsser's Clear shellac. The spray can of Zinsser shellac is a de-waxed version of shellac. It will bond to almost any type finish, and almost any finish will bond to it. The shellac dries within an hour under warm, non-humid conditions, and then the PloyShades can be put over it.


Hope this has helped in determining some options

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Posted 2013-04-13T13:37:47+0000  by ordjen
Thanks for your help;really appreciate it!
Posted 2013-04-13T21:27:30+0000  by nurtureyou1216
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