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Water Damage below Shower


I noticed a few days ago some water damage in the corner of my garage ceiling. This area is directly below my master bathroom, specifically the shower (I believe).  I did a stress test on the shower by running the shower for 10 minutes and inspecting the area, which I didn't notice any dampness.

However when I stood in the shower while running the water, I inspected the area to find immediate dampness in the water damaged area. So my guess is the shower floor is somehow leaking water when pressure is applied to flooring.  I have a square, fiberglass shower floor, with tiling on the sides.

I have a plumber scheduled to come out (free of charge for consult). I was curious if this was more of a contractor repair versus a plumbing pipe issue? Any thoughts/help would be appreciated!


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Posted 2017-10-05T15:17:06+0000  by drummerGuy drummerGuy
Howdy drummerGuy,

I had a similar problem with water damage in a separate room. Since I could only recreate the leak when I had weight in the shower I concluded it was from a small crack in the shower floor.

The contractor I hired concluded this was the problem as well and  had to tear out the old floor section of the shower. He had to make a reinforcement under the shower/tub to keep this from happening again.

Without actually seeing your problem I can only guess that  your problem is the same as mine was. Some contractors can do deal with plumbing as well as the contractor part.

Happy Plumbing,
Coach Dave
Posted 2017-10-05T16:43:32+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
Hey drummerGuy.

The answer to this question all depends on if there is access to the bottom drain of this shower. Because the problem more than likely lies below the fiberglass shower base then the plumber may not be willing to tear out  the subfloor below the shower. If the subfloor is heavily damaged then you will probably have to have a contractor fix it.

Lets see what the plumber has to say the problem is.

Posted 2017-10-05T16:46:19+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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