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Water Pressure Reducing Valve

Hi, I'm looking for a how to video to replace a water pressure reducing valve.


Thank you

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Posted 2011-12-27T21:30:56+0000  by mlocke mlocke

Greetings mlocke,


Welcome to our community, and thank you for your question. My name is Tom, known here as HD116 and I have wonderful news for you! You can replace (or add) a pressure reducing valve yourself in minutes without the concern of leaks, "drying out" the system , using a torch and sweating fittings with SharkBite fittings found exclusively at the Home Depot. SharkBite fittings are "lightning fast and won't let go".


This line of innovative products can be used with any combination of copper, cpv, and pex. Fittings are available from 3/8" to 1", and 1/2" to 1" valves. There are 2 Pressure Reducing Valves available online. the 3/4" can be found " target="_self">here.


You will find that SharkBite fittings and valves are certified for underground and no access applications and meet or exceed UPC, IPC and cUPC requirements. To install a fitting, you need to simply cut the pipe to length and square, insuring that there are no rough edges. Insert the fitting or valve 1" until it "clicks" and you are done! Once installed the fitting or valves can be rotated as well. In the event that you need to remove a fitting or valve in the future, there is a disconnect ring that can be purchased separately.


For your convenience, a video describing the SharkBite system can be found here.


Please update us on your project and enjoy the balance of this Holiday season with no runs, drips or errors. :smileywink: 

Posted 2011-12-28T14:01:41+0000  by HD116
SharkBite fittings are real cool, but have nothing to do with replacing an existing Pressure Reducing Valve - which wouldn't need those at all under typical circumstances - the valve screws into the old fittings.

But, I would also like to see a video that shows how to REPLACE an old valve with a new one.

The instructions which came with my Watts valve - which I purchased from HD - do not address removing an old valve, but only NEW installation.

There is a screw-on fitting with an o-ring at one end, now only finger-tight, and I'm wondering about when and how much to tighten this during installation. The instructions don't even mention this at all.

Posted 2012-05-04T02:01:39+0000  by dbraun


 Well how can we fix water pressure?

Can you share any video regarding this?

Posted 2012-05-11T14:48:21+0000  by David_Brett
Well how can we fix water pressure?
Can you share any video regarding this?
Posted 2012-05-12T13:55:34+0000  by David_Brett

hi Tom. From your post it seems this will work well even with a non-threaded copper pipe, right?  I have an older valve and plumbing. Since I don't wan to have to sweat threaded ends to the pipes this compression type product could be my solution.  What do you think? Thanks for the help. Chris

Posted 2012-07-28T21:41:06+0000  by Nectarologist
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