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Water Pressure setting

I had a pressure regulator installed and was told the usual pressure for a home is 45-55 psi. It seems low, is it?



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Posted 2011-04-21T14:24:50+0000  by Frank23 Frank23

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My name is Tom, known here as HD 116 and this is a topic I have covered here, at yahooanswers, on bobvilas site, and as a Home Inspector here in Georgia.


The pressure in a normal household should not exceed 60 PSI, so the range you were given is appropriate. In our area, they PRV or Pressure Relief Valve is typically located just inside the area where the water enters the house, and there is usually one hose bibb that is plumbed before the PRV to allow for the higher pressure needed for a sprinkler system installation. This is to allow for consistent pressure through throttling of the valves in the system to allow sprinkler heads at the end of the area to function properly.


Any pressure above 60 PSI puts undue pressure on pipes, joints, hoses, and appliances. If for any reason you need to adjust the PRV higher, you can do so in small increments by turning the adjustment bolt located at the top of the PRV. For the convenience of other community members, one is pictured below;



Hope that helps, and thanks again for being a member of our community.

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Posted 2011-04-21T14:52:25+0000  by HD116
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