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Water Supply to new Fridge

Trying to hook up the water supply line to a new Fridge.  Need to go from a 3/8 Male outlet to a 1/4 female on the back of the fridge.  Can't seem to find anything that works. What is the best approach to solving this without having to change the wall outlet type?  Side note our water pressure is unusually high compared to normal.
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Posted 2016-11-27T21:40:11+0000  by SIUspanky SIUspanky
Let's start with some basics.  There are three types of plumbing fittings you'll find in most home centers/hardware stores - regular pipe thread, compression, and flare.  The problem is that the threads on different on all of them and therefore not interchangeable.  The good news is that flare is rarely used in residential plumbing, so that leaves pipe thread and compression.  The bad news is that I can't see what you have.  I'd guess that the refrigerator has compression fitting but the wall fitting could be pipe thread or compression.  Usually refrigerators will have a male (meaning the threads are on the outside) fitting allowing either one of the braided hoses or a copper (or plastic) supply line with a compression fitting.

The other half of the problem is that every Home Depot has a different inventory and items may be out of stock.  So even if I were to tell you that you need item #12345, it doesn't mean your local store will have that fitting in stock.  Usually there is a way to accomplish almost anything but sometimes it means using several fittings. 

Your best bet would be to take clear pictures of both of your fittings, using a ruler or tape measure placed against your fitting.  The most import dimension is across the end of the fitting but take pictures from a couple of angles.  Then take your pictures to your local Home Depot and get someone in the plumbing department to help you.

Good luck!
Posted 2016-11-28T02:29:33+0000  by Adam444
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