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Bath & Faucets

Water leaks out shower head when bathtub faucet on

We had a contractor install a new bathtub/shower, and when he did he put the temperature selection handle too high according to the directions.  Because of this, water comes out the shower head as well as the tub faucets when trying to fill the tub.  Have seen the rods with a wingnut on either end that would raise the head another 9" as well as a little smaller diameter pipe to hopefully build more back pressure.  Would something like this solve our problem?  Our other option is to tear the whole thing back out and start over.
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Posted 2016-05-14T23:22:52+0000  by nkotb nkotb
It sounds like the diverter is leaking but I don't think that raising the height of the shower head a few inches would make a difference but it might be worth a try if the alternative is opening the wall.

Do you know what make/model of shower valve was put in?
Posted 2016-05-15T09:28:10+0000  by Adam444
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