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Water line to ice maker blowing off

I am trying to hook up the water line to the refriderator so I can use the ice maker.  I bought the plastic tubing kit and hooked it up as it showed.  However the water line blows off off either the connection to the fridge or the main water line.  Any suggestions?

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Posted 2012-08-14T15:25:16+0000  by pablo_cc pablo_cc

Hello Pablo and thank you for joining us on the community.


Pablo is this a new refrigerator or you're replacing waterline for the existing unit?

It sounds like the fill tube in the back of the refrigerator, going to the icemaker, is clogged. See if you can take it off and blow through it, you should be able to blow through it or flush it with ease.


Hope this helps,



Posted 2012-08-14T15:57:25+0000  by George_HD_CHI

Hello pablo_cc, and welcome to the community!


I recently added a water line to my new refrigerator, and I spent some time deciding if I should use plastic or copper tubing. After much research on the internet, I had a chance to speak with a fellow employee that is a licensed plumber. He suggested going with the copper line because it is more durable and it won't get hard & brittle over time.


He also suggested that I NOT use the saddle valve that is included in most Ice Maker kits, he said most states have laws against using them because they leak and/or clog, and restrict water flow.


The proper supply connection is to use shut off valve, seen below.


shut off valve.jpg

As George mentioned, a blockage is possible but it the pressure would not be so strong that it would have pushed the tubing off. Can you tell me if the Ferrule was used when you connected the tubing to the back of the refrigerator?  You  should be able to tug on the tubing and not have it come off.





Posted 2012-08-16T16:18:36+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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